Four Annoying Things On Facebook

1. Group Suggestions such as: Vegan Cats (“This group is designed to promote the feeding of ethical diets to domesticated cats.”), # op: True World News (“Do Not Trust You Media”), EVANGELIZING NEIGHBORHOODS ON THE EVILS OF THE NEW WORLD ORDER (“Our goals are to educate neighborhoods in all cities of the evils of the New World Order gang by knocking on doors. Most methods are by protest, We Are Change groups, street action, Facebook, and tea parties.”); Starseed Awakening’s  ET Contactee & Experiencer Group (“…is for any one who either knows or feels like they have had contact & experiences with extraterrestrials or inner-dimensional.”)

2. Automatically switching back to Top Stories instead of Most Recent Stories: Yes, I also want to know the little bits, not only those with the most clicks and likes.

3. People who pour out their hearts without dignity: Please do not embarrass yourself and everyone else by ranting about your ex-lover, feeling sorry for yourself and/or announcing things that are intimate and too private. This is not a lack of empathy but an excess of willingness to protect you from harming yourself. Your friends are always there if necessary but please do not do this in public. This is no-one’s business except of those concerned and close friends.

4. Seeing old mates lose control: Yes, I see that you are now political, but does it have to be NWO, chemtrails and anti-vaccine? And no, I cannot take you seriously anymore!

Four Annoying Things On Facebook

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