Four Hannibal Murders

1. 27 corpses make up a giant Rubik’s cube. You have to roll the eyes so that they look at you in order to win.

2. 399 corpses make up a giant Leaning Tower of Pisa. The obese guy at the top makes the tower lean by 3.99 degrees. A dead Asian tourist stands next to it, holding a camera. The photos in the camera show the murderer seemingly touching the tip of the tower. BUT THAT IS JUST AN ILLUSION!

3. The dead bodies of 13 young women that look exactly like Thomas Hobbes are impaled on the last unicorn’s horn. The murderer cut a Glasgow smile into the unicorn’s face. It’s front legs are missing. In the next scene you can see Hannibal serve “horse” meat ragout with coriander and scallops to the president of the APA. (Footnote: see endnotes)

4. The investigators find all illegal aliens dead in a Kansas wheat field. They make up a giant Donald Trump smile.

Endnote: See footnotes

Four Hannibal Murders

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