Four Scams I Experienced

1. The taxi had a meter that ran too fast (China)

Hint: The meter counts in an irregular rhythm, even though you drive at regular pace. Some even skip numbers.

Possible Solution: Find out about taxi fares in advance. Ask for support at your destination spot (e.g. hotel, restaurant).

2. The taxi driver was supposed to drive to a certain location far away for a fare agreed upon in advance. After some time, he said that we would have to change the car due to “district regulations” because he couldn’t go further with his taxi license. He left the car at a local bus station and bought a bus ticket from the ticket officer (who was apparently involved). Then they told us to take the new car (e.g. bus) to my destination. Suddenly they did not speak any more English, neither did we speak the local language well enough. (Taiwan)

Hint: The driver did only tell us when we were already in the car and left the car at the bus station without any further explanation. 

Possible Solution: Pay only at the end (if they insist, agree on paying half of the money later) – paying them in advance not very smart. Otherwise do not enter. Tell them they won’t receive the full fare of the if something fishy occurs and they do not explain. If they suddenly speak the local language only, have a dictionary ready.

3. We wanted to eat in a famous local restaurant. When we arrived at the address, a waiter handed us the menu directly and asked us to sit down. We noticed only by accident, that there were two restaurants of the same name and with the same address printed outside next to each other. The first one was a scam restaurant. (Vietnam)

Hint: There are two locations of the same name 

Possible Solution: Make sure you pick the right one by comparing the telephone number or some other feature that is unique. Otherwise ask a local.

4. The waiter offered my friend a “big” beer which he ordered. Then the staff brought a glass that contained about two liters of beer. My friend still finished it though, he was very thirsty. The price per liter was fair, just the size was beyond expectations. (Belgium)

Hint: The staff does not point out the size, e.g. on the menu.  

Possible Solution: Refuse it. Everyone can see that it is a scam. Or just drink it.

Four Scams I Experienced

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