Four Answers

After Chipmunkandme has nominated me for the Liebster Awards, I listed some blogs I like and now I owe you some answers.

  1. What’s the point?
  2. Where do you find happiness?
  3. Where do you find inspiration? In the news and everyday life. Which worries me a bit.
  4. If you’re lost, how do you try and find yourself?
  5. Do you live with regrets? How?
  6. How do you cope with sadness? Men are not sad. Men are angry. That is not a tear, btw. That is anger secretion.
  7. If money was no object, what would you do with your life? In this sentence, money is a subject. So the question is what am I doing with my life. I have the same question, too.
  8. What must you experience before your time is up?
  9. What are you going to accomplish today? Now, that’s a good question. I’ll tell you later.
  10. Who is the most interesting person you’ve ever met? Why?
  11. What was your latest great idea?

I am really wondering who is coming up with these questions.

Ah, this seems to be some kind of chain letter. I should google more. Now, what should I do with my acceptance speech?

Four Answers

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