Four Blogs I Like

Chipmunkandme recently nominated me for the Liebster Award. I have no idea what that is and I am not very good at public relations so I will just kindly thank her for the nomination (I really appreciate that!) and change the rules of the nomination. Instead of nominating 11 blogs, I will point out my four favourite ones and answer four of the eleven questions. Sorry, I need to stick to my own rules, otherwise my management will kick me out.

1. Hong Kong Lucida has a great photo blog about said city

2. Erzählmirnix is a German cartoon blog, she is incredibly funny. You won’t understand a word but she is really incredibly funny, especially for a woman and especially for a German

3. F Yeah Chinese Indie collects music from the Chinese-speaking world

4. Everything’s A Problem lists advanced forms of political correctness

Answers to follow

Four Blogs I Like

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