Four Arguments Against Gay Marriage

1. If homosexuals get married, they will undermine the traditional heterosexual marriage and family.

2. By undermine I mean, that they harm the family as the core value of society, because when they all get married then there will be less and less couples having children.

3. I just think they should keep it private. I don’t have a problem with homosexuals, some of my friends actually are, I just don’t think they should do this in public. And the government should not encourage such behaviour.

4. No, I can’t just look the other way, I think it’s not right to do that kind of stuff, you know, for lesbians it’s ok, I can tolerate that but the thought alone of some men doing… No, I mean, you know, it just kind of undermines the family and I am afraid more and more people will do that.

Four Arguments Against Gay Marriage

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