Four Acceptance Speech Quotes

1. “I wanna thank my wife, my father for not being there, my mother for being there most of the time, my psychiatrist, the pharmaceutical industry and my dealer. I would not be here without you!”

2. I would like to thank all my fans, especially those who buy that ridiculously expensive merchandise, those overpriced concert tickets for 65 minutes shows and still cyberbully anybody who states that s/he doesn’t like my music.”

3. “I wanna thank God for making me white good-looking talented and thus increasing the probability of being successful and receiving this award.”

4. “Thank you for this, well, metal bar, with this, uh, acrylic bow and that golden, erm, crown top thingy. I am sure it will be useful in a fight with a random person later after I got heavily drunk. Thank you, really!

Four Acceptance Speech Quotes

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