Four Old Friends

1. The one who used to smoke pot, tried to make easy money, got caught, served six months and is now working as a low-paid security guard for a fishy event organiser

Happiness: 2/10

2. The one who is still living with his mother, working in the same tech company for 12 years and spends his leisure time playing online games

Happiness: 6/10

3. The one who used to be a tree-hugger, turned a lesbian after getting cheated for the third time and is now living far off civilization on an organic strawberry farm

Happiness: 7/10

4. The one who always lived a healthy life, all of a sudden got leukemia, died within four months and now keeps you from hurting yourself when you try to drive while you’re drunk as f***ing hell! There’s a pole!! THERE’S A F***ING A POLE!!!

Happiness: ∞/∞

Four Old Friends

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