Four Things Not To Do At Work

1. Arrive in your sports clothes at work. Yes, that’s great, you cycle 137 km to work. And, these are anti-transpirant and you hardly ever sweat because of your good condition? Wow! But, yes, I do mind you sit down on my chair for a minute. And yes, your 3000 dollar bicycle next to our table bothers me.

2. Use social media on a shared computer and keep logged in. I know what you did last weekend. Everyone does.

3. Males: openly talk about ***** with your buddy mates. HWA HWA HWA! Yes, we know you’re horny. HWA HWA HWA! No, I do not want to be one of your buddy mates. And, no, do not ever pat me on the back again. I am homosexual, asexual and so uptight, I cut people into little cubes on the weekend and post it online (which is why I always log out afterwards). HWA HWA HWA! Oh, and btw, if you ever happen to do that again in presence of a female colleague again (as I have heard), I might just do that to you. HWA HWA HWA! Just kidding, BUDDY! HWA HWA HWA!

4. Females: Share your opinions and feelings about everything with us. Your new diet. Your ex boyfriend. Your workout. Your fingernails. His shoes. Her waist. Him talking with his buddy mates. (Oh, really?)

Four Things Not To Do At Work

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