Four Rejected Movie Endings

1. the male lead saying “Just for your info – I am pro life” before the final kiss at the train station

2. everyone standing up and clapping in front of the flag after the politician said “And now let’s invade that country without a UN mandate, destroy its society and infrastructure, steal all the resources and after ten years face a new even more grotesque enemy that we can use to say ‘and now let’s invade that country without a UN mandate…'”

3. the blond siblings saying “We loved that eponymous cute, speaking and smart animal but in the end we preferred to have it as a stew!”

4. the male lead coming back on screen after the end credits saying “After some time it turned out, she’s a real pain! First, she insisted on calling our child ‘Hieronymus’, I mean, seriously! Then she wanted to send him to ballet! Ballet! For a boy! ‘We have to overcome those social stigmata, nanananananana!’ And now she refused to contact me because I ‘traumatized’ her and the kid. Traumatized! The kid! For not going to the ballet with him! Uargh! But I will sue her! That’ll teach her! Traumatize the kid! Ridiculous!”

Four Rejected Movie Endings

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