Four For Dummies

1. Running For Dummies

  • chose soft underground (e.g. kittens)
  • wear ugly, tight and breathable clothes (you have to breath yourself though!)
  • set yourself an incentive (e.g. hand out machetes to militant kitten rights activists)

2. SEO For Dummies

3. Genocide For Dummies

  • chose simple common features of target group (e.g. common religion or language rather than common insurance plan)
  • chose marginalized group (e.g. not rich elite)
  • make sure to buy when there’s “blood in the streets” (massacre) not urine (e.g. football match)

4. Counting For Dummies

  • one (e.g. nation under GOD)
  • two (e.g. stupid to count)
  • many (e.g. more than two)
Four For Dummies

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