Four Honest Radio Announcements

1. “And now for a series of computer-generated and computer-blended tunes from your DJ  software on KSKW live!”

2. “KMRC Your Sound In Kansas wishes you a ‘Good Morning’ which is actually a good late afternoon or do you really think I get up at 4:15 and sit in the studio for three hours to say ‘Good Morning’ and ‘now for our ‘live’ call-in game’ or to play automatized song lists?”

3. “And now we have **** ******* ‘live’ on the phone who will say some of the statements from yesterday’s press release while I will ask some questions such as ‘Do you really think that…’ which s/he can easily answer with ‘Yes and we also think [more gibberish].”

4. “‘The Sound Of Today’ is actually not really correct but catchier than ‘The Automated Playlists That Are The Summary Of The Region’s Itunes And Spotify Playlists'”

Four Honest Radio Announcements

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