Four Music Quotes

1. Damn and then it goes dadadadadat and the crash cymbal along with the double-bass drum… Oh, yeah, we’re on air 2…1… Welcome to the annual steel drum festival. We have some amazing artists from all over the world who will cover everything from World Music to Avantgarde Jazz.

2. Oh, gawd, not a **** beat again. **** is about groove and dirt and really dark atmosphere and not about **** sounds to sing your stupid love songs along with. Yeah, auto tune in the chorus. And a fade out in the end. Gawd!

3. Wow, this record is really amazing. It starts with a groovy song, then has an up-tempo one, first slow one at number three, and then, guess what you have about half dozen mid-tempo rockers, an acoustic ballad (so beautiful) two mid-tempo ones again and then that seven minute ballad with the strings in the end. Make sure you get the limited edition with all the lyrics from “She shows that sexy pose when dancing in the neon light” to “Your love is like a tree that saves me from the rain” printed in the booklet and, who would have thought!, some bonus tracks with an acoustic version of mid-tempo rocker number seven and a trip hop remix of the acoustic ballad. It gives the song such a unique atmosphere to put it on a slow hip hop beat and add some psychedelic samples. 8/10

4. Oh, that is music? I thought that was the washing machine. Really, you got a scholarship for that? Cool, maybe you can copy me that, and, oh, sure I can buy it in your online store and then, I can freak out my neighbor, ha ha. ‘The washing machine? No, we’re listening to award-winning **** music, ha ha.’ No no, I really respect your art. Just like my neighbor, ha ha!

Four Music Quotes

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