Four Multifunctional Devices

1. mobile phone/shaver

pro: never forget your phone again for bathroom mirror selfy* (yes, this is the correct  spelling!)

con: keep phone away from everything during vibration alarm

2. slit lamp/nail gun

pro: easy to use for oculist/vet double surgery

con: super-sensitive smart touch pad function switch navigation might accidentally produce unwanted eye-check results for sick cattles

3. Bible-Qu’ran-Thora-all in one edition/scrap book

pro: always have some of the most popular books (with exchangeable cover) at hand AND easy to rip out scrap paper for important notes, perfect for globe trotters

con: might lead to unwanted friends when using wrong cover

4. landmine/toy

pro: no need to buy extra arms when there is a sudden civil war

con: no cons! It’s the Second Amendment!


Four Multifunctional Devices

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