Four Cases of Male Dominance

1. Mansplaining: the male, heterosexual science professor at your university explaining the invariance of the Speed of Light

2. Manspreading: the young guy opposite sitting comfortably while the woman standing next to him doesn’t like to ask him whether he can give her some space because “I don’t know it’s just feels weird to ask a stranger something like that…”

3. Manpaying: the male paying the bill because he wants to demonstrate his role as breadwinner while the female vehemently refuses to accept this act of barbaric privilege (“Oh no, I can pay! Or we can share! Oh really, that’s so nice, next time I’ll pay! Promised! Thank you! Hee hee!”)

4. Mancarrying: the man carrying the heavy items six floors upstairs because they still didn’t fix that ******* elevator while the female is forced to open hold all two doors (“Isn’t that the male’s obligation?”) and listening to the constant mensplaining about the heavy items, I mean, how could they ever be pregnant when they already complain about the ten liters of water they have to carry because “I don’t know it just feels weird to drink the tap water, maybe they have chemicals inside. You know, just like chemicals, I never paid attention in science because my teacher was SO BORING! But maybe you can explain that to me later. Hee hee!”

Four Cases of Male Dominance

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