Movie Thursday: Four Rejected Movie Ideas

1. The Incredible Alc: the fat hairy goblin next door turns red whenever he’s had too much liquor. Final scene: His wife comes home and beats him to a pulp.

2. Cockroach Man: Dick Roach is the only human to survive the Nuclear War (It’s the  Second Amendment!). He finds out that he’s a human-cockroach hybrid because his father accidentally ********** on a cockroach when he was a teenager. Final scene: Dick accepts his fate and spends the rest of his life eating everything and flying into dead people’s faces.

3. Scavengers: five retired superheros are affected by old age poverty. That’s why they collect trash for recycling and clean the streets for a ridiculous wage. Final scene: the last one of them dies from a cold, after health insurance was abolished in 2018.

4. I Know What You Did Last Winter: Nicky accidentally meets her high school crush in a supermarket in Canada. Oh My God! He’s so cute! She hides in the chocolate aisle. Final scene: When he tells his friends after the holidays she smiles knowingly.

Movie Thursday: Four Rejected Movie Ideas

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