Four Cases Of Femsplaining

Femsplaining is a portmanteau of the words fem(ale) and explaining, defined as “to explain something to someone, typically a woman to man, in a manner regarded as matronizing.”

1. “Better take a raincoat, it might rain. You will catch a cold. Can you fix your collar? No, let me do that. Call me when you arrive, will you? It’s already late, you have to go now. Wait, you wanna leave without giving mummy a kiss?”

2. “Ah, be a good dog! Now, that’s fine! Ouch, you cannot bite me like that. That hurts. Bad dog! Bad dog! Aw, so cute. Now, fetch the ball from the playground! Go, go!

3. “Then you put a bit of foundation on top of it. It’s gonna show through the foundation. It’s nice. It’s already doing the work for you. I like to kinda put it a little bit on top of the darkness under my under eye circle. Just a little bit. Not all the way in, but just a little bit. Now, you have to make sure, that you don’t use too much, otherwise it’s just, you know, kinda like too much, hee hee. Woah, that looks a bit gay! You better add some glitter on your cheeks!”

4. “No, you cannot use that for sealing the wall. I have to use them for myself. Yes, I know we have a problem with the water. Yes, it’s absorbing the liquid very well and the string is very handy, but can we please not use it for the bathroom wall?”

Four Cases Of Femsplaining

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